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After a long day of doing nothing it almost surprises me how nice it feels to crawl into bed once its over. Dan was under the covers before I'd even entered the room and had already busied himself on his iPhone.
I settled myself to lie under the covers and he quickly locked the phone, put it on his bedside table, laid down and turned to face me.
'Hey Phil.' he mumbled.
I ignored him. 'What were you doing on there?' I asked
'Nothing really, just a quick bit of shopping, nothing for you to worry about.' He said, snaking his arms around my middle and resting his head on my shoulder. 'Hey Phil.' he asked again.
'What is it Dan my dear darling husband?'
'We're getting the Christmas tree tomorrow.' He grinned.
'I know.'
'Excited at all?'
'Very.' I said a smile spreading across my face 'I haven't had a real tree in ages.'
This Christmas is different to the other ones when we've lived together in a few ways, new apartment, sort of a new stage in our relationship and so a new type of tree only makes sense.
'Do you think the pine needles all falling off is going to be a problem?' he asked, moving one of his legs on top of mine.
'Oh yes.'
'Then why did you suggest getting it?'
I shrugged 'Smells nice.'
'And that's reason enough to cover the house in pine needles is it?'
'It'll make the house smell nice.'
'And what's so wrong with the way the house smells now?'
'Nothing, Dan don't worry your pretty little head.' I smiled and kissed the top of his head, 'the flat doesn't smell bad at all,  I just like a change every now and then.'
'Fair enough, but of an extravagant method though isn't it?'
'It is.' I admitted but had nothing else to add.
He chuckled a little, then said 'But then I guess It's better than air fresheners.'
'And I did make a promise keep my baby safe from the mean and nasty air fresheners.'
day number flipping two and I'm already having doubts as to whether or not I'm going to be able to keep this thing up.

Next day
opalsea Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Awwww :3 thats so cutteee!
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Thanks :3
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No problem :3
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