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Dan wandered into the lounge where I was eating breakfast on the sofa, because frankly it's warmer in here than the kitchen and its nice to be all snuggled up in the morning with the curtains closed and the Christmas tree lights setting a cosy atmosphere.
'Morning darling.' Dan said plonking himself down next to me on the sofa next to me.
'Morning.' I said back drowsily.
'You're surprisingly calm today.'
'Am I?' I asked 'I thought this is how I normally acted.'
'Well it is for a normal day.'
'What's so not normal about today?'
'Don't you know? Haven't you looked outside yet?'
'No, clearly I don't know, what's so special about the outside?
'Just have a look.'
'Oh but that means I'll have to get up.' I moaned.
'It does but I'm not going to tell you what's out there.'
'Fine.' I said heaving myself off the sofa, placing my breakfast on the table and headed for the curtains, which I peeled back just enough so I could see the outside world in all its glory but not having to put in too much effort.
And I stared.
I spun around on the spot and stared at Dan in disbelief.
'It's snowing.' I whispered.
Dan got up off the sofa and joined me by the window, pulling back one side of the set of curtains.
'It certainly is Phil, you wanna have some fun?'
Its not a good thing when you're jealous of the people in your own stories because they have snow and all you have is floods, is it?

Next day
thedayyoufindoutwhy Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012
I really like this:) I love the series in general and love love love your writing<3
leaveittothelastmin Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012
aw thanks ^.^ :D
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